Super Sassy Find!! Torso or Bust?

Have you ever seen one of these? I've only seen them in display windows...I've always loved them! Don't ask why? I just do!

Soooo...I snatched this SSF up, at an Auction my FIL invited us to, before anyone could bid on it! Not really...but totally thought about it! Wouldn't you know it, it was at the very bottom of the items to be auctioned and we had to wait, for like..hours;)! I wasn't leaving without it! Unless it was MORE than $20. Did I tell you I was cheap?

Anyway, Mr. Man was the highest bidder...WooHoo! He loves me! Oh, you want to know how much we on!

After winning this BEAUTIFUL, FINE, LOVELY...piece of Accessory, that came with 2 boxes of register tape (don't know what to do with that?) and 4 heads (you know, the heads for wigs to rest on)...had no use for them so I threw them out! After my daughters painted all over them. The register tape, not sure what to do with those. But..they have their own special place in the GARAGE! Love you, Mr. Man!

So, what do you do with something so special?...Hang JEWELRY on it and put it next to your bed! What else? What would you do with it?

And, by the was listed as a 'Torso'...I said it was called a 'Bust'. What do you think?

Oh..and we only paid $7.50 for all of it! Mr. Man did GOOD!