Homemaker Pro #5 Forget It!

I'll just start out by saying...I forgot!

Can you believe I forgot to put up my posts! I haven't posted a post since last Thursday...that's odd! How could I just forget? It's not like I have a Super Great Man to take care of and kids to keep track of and groceries to buy and bills to pay and appts to keep (don't miss dr. appts...they make you pay $40) and bathrooms to clean...you get the picture!

It's not like I have a ton on my plate, RIGHT?

So, I asked myself...'Self, why are you so forgetful?' and this is what I said...'What was the question?' There you have it! It's all explained right there...Sad, really!

So...instead of a well thought out post for all my favorite bloggers to read...I will tell you about my day...

After taking my kids to school and listening to Chicks Who Chat @ 10am, every weekday (shameless plug). I knew I had to get out of the house and feel the warm sun and SHOP! So I drove on over to Gardner Village...nestled on a curve of a road in West Jordan, Utah:) I picked out new fabric for my Sassy Eye Masks, with a 2 yo...he was so good!

Anyway...the two of us walked around the lovely grounds, stopping every few steps to explore something new. We saw ducks, fish, rocks, shops, and a whole bunch of other stuff. For him, there was no rush, no worries, no fears. Just an innocent child living and exploring.

We spent over an hour being together when we stopped for a snack. He wanted a great big cookie, bigger than his hand, with red frosting and sugar crystals on top. I got a Diet Coke. He informed me that the crystals were 'spicey'...I said they were 'sweet'. He argued a little before tasting the sugar. He looked at me and said 'SWEET', with a big smile...I couldn't help but laugh and feel very thankful for everything I have.

It was a great day.