What's on Your To Do List?

{this is me and my hubby...getting away}

I have several lists of things to do. I just can't get them organized in my head. I'm all mushy with so much on my plate. Should I take a much needed bath or keep pushing through? That is the ?. I choose the bath!

Okay, now for a reality check.....here's my list:

Take a road trip with Prince Charming, in a new RED Honda Accord Coupe..ok, ok..I'll stop dreaming!

  1. finish buying stocking stuffers
  2. buy See's Candy (Gluten-Free, btw) for 'some' people, i can't say who, because they read this blog.
  3. buy presents for Prince Charming...what to get a Prince who has everything, Me! 'nough said!
  4. bake, I don't really want to...but my kids are making me...haha, just kidding. i have a divinity recipe to die for.
  5. wash car, can't be seen with a dirty car:)
  6. clean house, it's a Christmas tradition.
  7. wrap, wrap, wrap...we have seven kids, you do the math;)
  8. hire a maid, so i can take that bath!
  9. a nanny, too! i really need a bath!
  10. enjoy myself and relax
What's on your Holiday List? Do you need a maid also?