Back-Up Your Blog!!!! Seriously!

I never thought my blog would be GONE! When I say gone, I mean ME! I didn't even know a blog could be deleted. I soon found out on a very SAD day in November. I was preparing for Darcy, from Graphically Designing, to do my BLOG MAKE-OVER, when I accidentally deleted it. A whole year of blogging, GONE! No trace of it anywhere. All my thoughts and writings were gone. I didn't know what to do, my old blog url, The Sassy Mom was/is unusable (btw, does anyone know how to link my old url to my new url?). I sat a my 'puter speechless. Darcy emailed, she was ready to get started. I had to tell her what happened and start a new blog. So that's how The Sassy Mom Shoppe came to life.

I strongly recommend backing up your blog. What would YOU do if your blog was GONE? Were would you start, how would you tell everyone who links to you?

Please find a site to backup your blog. You can get a free account through Blog Backup Online or click my button.

This has been my Works For Me Wednesday 'TIP'...find more HERE!