Celiac Disease.....and ME!

{these look so yummy!}

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease yesterday...not exactly what I wanted to hear, but I won't complain, much! I kind of knew for the last week, we were just waiting for RESULTS from the biopsy.

If you're not familiar with Celiac, count your blessings....haha! Basically, it means I can't EAT wheat, barley, rye or oats. What's left? In my opinion...NOTHING! Did you know 'SWEDISH FISH' have gluten in them!?! That does not make me HAPPY!

I have to tell you....it's a very difficult diet to follow! But, I have done so good, for the last 24 hours! Right now, I'm in the mood for anything with BREAD. My kids said just eat it! I would, except....my body attacks itself if I do. What's up with that? Who told my body that fighting was OKAY? Well, it wasn't ME! I'm totally protesting this disease. I know, it won't work....but I wish it could!

So the only thing to do.....DEAL WITH IT and BE THANKFUL it wasn't something worse.

My HUBBY's support is making this MUCH EASIER...he brought home several things for me to eat last night. Did not like the rice bread, though! So, I ate a YAM with BROWN SUGAR and CINNAMON. Very Yummy! His support will get me through my cravings.

I'll be adding items to my Gluten-Free list (right sidebar)....if you know of foods that are gluten-free, let me know and I'll list them.

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