Celiac Disease.....and ME! Part 2

I know, I know...more Celiac NEWS?

I was so excited, last night, when I got the mail. There was a LARGE envelope with my name on it. I knew who it was from so I tore it open, actually I used the scissors, but still! Inside I found a large packet...when I say large, I mean, 75 pages large. There's a lot of info in this 'little' packet. I wanted to share some info with you, you and you.

1. I didn't know this, Celiac is a lifelong autoimmune intestinal disorder. LIFELONG! I guess, I'll have this for a while, RIGHT? So, it means, the digestive system stops working properly when you eat GLUTEN! And, if you didn't know what GLUTEN is...it's wheat, rye, barley and oats. And, there's no CURE! bummer.

2. If you eat foods containing gluten, the damage to your intestines can become life threatening and may put you at risk for other immune diseases. Okay, okay...I won't eat it, even though I really want to!

3. Celiac affects 1 out of 133 people in the US. Anyone a math nut, who can figure that out? I would but my brain is in 'GLUTEN STARVATION' right now and I can't think.

4. The symptoms, for an adult: feeling tired, irritable....okay, wait a minute. Aren't those symptoms the same as MOTHERHOOD! I thought so. For more symptoms click HERE.

5. Celiac IS treatable with the RIGHT foods. I know this because for the last three nights, Prince Charming has come home with YUMMY FOOD I can eat. The HOMEMADE mashed potatoes he made last night were soooo good.

For more info on Celiac Sprue Disease...Celiac Sprue Association

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