25 Days Until Christmas

Can you believe there's ONLY 25 days until Christmas. I'm really in SHOCK! I usually have ALL my shopping done by October and here it is December 1st. What have I been doing with ALL my spare time, you ask? Well, I've been going to the SPA and getting my NAILS done. A few trips to the mall and a BRUNCH or two, or three...maybe four...okay, FIVE! Anyway, I just haven't had time to go shopping for anyone else but ME! And now it's almost Christmas.....there's only one thing to do! STOP WHINING and THINK OF OTHERS! I couldn't have said it better myself.

So here's the plan:

1. Have Brunch with Mommy Gossip and Pulsiper Predilections and talk about SERVICE projects we can do. I know, another brunch....but this one was to plan fun ways to help others. Are you so PROUD of me? These two gals were so much fun and..have you seen their blogs? You really need to click on over and check out their blogs. I was a little intimadated. But so excited to talk with adults and eat FOOD! By the way, we made plans for some great SERVICE PROJECTS! Christmas spirit, here I come.

2. Make cookies for FHE and drop them off at a neighbors house....after we ring the doorbell and run off. That's not considered doorbell ditching, is it? I don't think so. I mean....how could it be, we're giving YUMMY cookies to them, right?

3. Go shopping for my LITTLE PEOPLE. I have such great ideas for them. To bad my ideas aren't the same as what's on their list.

4. Spend time with my WONDERFUL HUBBY! He's the best, ya know!

5. HAVE FUN!!!