HomeMaker Pro ~Spontaneous Love!

{Mr. Man and Captain Tornado}

A couple weekends ago we told our kids to grab pj's, clean clothes and a swimsuit and get in the car. Oh and a toothbrush:) They had NO idea where we were going and FRANKLY..we only kinda new! I'm a Spontaneous Person, to a fault, Mr. Man says! It took 30 minutes and we were off on a mini vacation. A couple miles down the road we had to turn around! Forgot a few things, then we were off, again!

We stopped every couple hours to play at parks, eat, etc. My Super kids were sooooo good in the car. I'm thinking it was because they had NO idea where we were going.

By the time we got to St. George it was 8pm, yes it took 7 hours to get there! We got a hotel, had dinner, went swimming and went to bed. The next morning we ate at Denny's, the first and the last time we take 7 kids to a restaurant and let them get whatever they wanted. Haha! Spending a small fortune on breakfast was part of the experience, at least that's what we are telling ourselves.

{Mr. Man and Captain Tornado on the rock thing that has DIXIE on it}
{My Sassy Family on top of the DIXIE rock...I think you got enough of ME in the last post! See the Temple on the right? }

Did I mention, we drove into Arizona, just so my kids could stand on Arizona soil and say they've been there! I know, I know...we're AMAZING PARENTS!

We drove back into our driveway by 9pm Sunday night...it was a fast trip but worth it!

Sometimes, we need to get away and spend time with each other.