Extreme MakeOver or Not! Part 2

This is what 5 hours at the salon looks like....I went from a lot of BLEACH, to a lot of BROWN! My hair hasn't been this healthy for a long time! I went a little shorter than I wanted because of the damage to my ends.

{New Bangs! Haven't had those in a while}

My natural hair color looks like this just without the highlights, I think! I've been coloring for so long, l'm not sure what my natural color is. I do know that my hair has a TON of GRAY!! Next time, I have a 2 month out growth, I'll take a picture of the HUGE patch of gray on top my head:(

The two bloggers I used as examples are:

Jennifer from The Petersons Go Public....Click HERE to see the photo I used for my haircut! {two pic's down sitting with her boys}


Laurie from Tip Junkie..Click HERE to see the photo I used as an example for my hair color(s). I went a little darker! ;)