I've used 4 Sick Days

I've had a great time using 4 SICK DAYS! I only get 10 days a year, on my Homemaker Pro Plan...and they don't roll over! Unless, I'm really GOOD! {nuff said!}

Over the last few days, I've been able to lounge around and do nothing. Ohhh, how wonderful it's been! I've watched movies all day with my 2 yo, meals were brought in, carpool was taken care of, Mr. Man made me rest, kids kept the house clean...and I'm TOTALLY Thankful for it all!

To all my family and friends who helped this week, THANK YOU!

Now, that I'm feeling better, I have all these plans to go places.....People to see, Places to go! I've been cooped up in my house for 4 days and I want to be outside. I want to drive my Super SUV. I'm excited to drive my Carpool tomorrow. Did I just say that? I must really need to get out. Tonight is MY, I mean 'our', Date Night....should we go out, should we stay in? Maybe I should 'milk' this MORE? I mean...maybe I should rest up a little more before I venture out with stitches in my belly. I know, I should take it easy a couple more days....I'm making plans for Monday though!!

Just FYI...I'll be posting my Homemaker Pro's Benefit Plan, soon!

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