HomeMaker Pro #2

In case you didn't notice...I changed the title of this weekly post to 'Homemaker Pro'! I thought it fit more than that other title..whatever it was, can't remember? Hmmm...I must need CHOCOLATE!!! It's really the only way I can function during the day! Anyway...Here's to another week of being a Stay at home Mama!

Now that I'm done blabbering about whatever it was that I was blabbering about! (Must need more CHOCOLATE!)...seriously, what was this post about? Oh yeah...

Homemaker Pro's make their own schedule's.

My most favorite part about being a HPro is..making my own schedule! OH yeah!!! Now this is what I'm talking about! I make my OWN schedule. I decide when appt's will be. I do Grocery Shopping when I want too (I call this, The RUNWAY...a place where MOM's dress up just in case we see another MOM). I'm TOTALLY in love with Mr. Man..aka: Hubby..for giving me this great FREEDOM!

My weekly schedule (it's all subject to change though):

Monday - Recover from the weekend. Laundry!

Tuesday - I schedule almost all Appt's on this day! Makes it easy to remember. NO laundry today! Spend time in my Studio...making fun stuff.

Wednesday - Laundry! OMG!! Laundry!

Thursday - It's CLEANING DAY!! I clean the whole house! Bathrooms, LR, Kitchen, etc.....deep cleaning people! Why? Because it's my Date Night!! (that's another post) No Laundry, maybe a little?!

Friday - The Runway, Light Cleaning, Get ready for the weekend! Make sure Laundry is done...no leftovers for the weekend!

This isn't my whole schedule, of course. We would be here all day if I wrote EVERYTHING I did everyday, as would you! You get the idea though. The best part....I can change it if I want too! Like the part about exercising...I totally took that out after the first week of my schedule. That was about 5 years ago! I should be adding it back to my schedule soon!;)

Homework: Make some kind of schedule for yourself and keep it, for this week at least:). Maybe, I'll work-out this week? hmmm, or NOT!

Last weeks HW: Write a note to your hubby and kids, telling them how much you love them.

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