Prince Charming!

I know it's Valentine's and all...but I just have to tell my SUPER ROMANTIC Christmas Proposal.

Mr. Man and I had been dating for almost 2 years (we each had 3 young children), when we were invited to tag along with our SIL and BIL, on the Heber Valley Railroad's Polar Express. We were Super excited because we loved the book so much.

When we arrived at the Train Station, it was MAGICAL! We boarded the 'Polar Express', took our seats and waited for the Elves, Mrs. Claus and Santa to join us. As the train started making it's way to the North Pole....two Elves came into our train car....dancing and telling jokes. Then Mrs. Claus handed out freshly baked CHOCOLATE Chip Cookies. Love her. And the Elves served us Hot Cocoa. Love them.

As Santa entered our car, from behind us, our kids got SUPER excited. Santa talked to other children and did a lot of 'Ho, Ho, Ho's'. When he got to us...he talked to our kids for a bit and turned to ME and said, 'I heard you've been a GOOD GIRL'. I just smiled:). He handed Mr. Man a small box. Mr. Man got on one knee and said, 'WILL YOU MARRY ME?'...YES, YES and YES!! INCREDIBLE! Can't put into words how MAGICAL it all was. HUGS and KISSES for Everyone.

I had no idea Mr Man told our kids, they didn't say a thing! And...the whole train station was aware of what was going to happen....LOVE HIM.

Never, in a million years, did I think Prince Charming..really exist!