If you've noticed I love HOME DECOR! Anything and everything that goes into the catergory of home decor is my favorite (I have a lot of favorites). Except....GEESE, DUCKS AND CATS! I know, some of you out there love these animals....I just can't see them in my house. Do you have a tasteful way of decorating with these animals? I just can't see it!

Now, if you're talking about BIRDS, I can see that!.....take a tour over at the Nesting Place and you'll see what I mean. Not only does she have birds, she has tons of animals a'top tassels. (a'top, a new word for me) I'm getting a tassel this year....hopefully?

Did you see her NEW MANTLE? She uses shutters to cover the T.V. and shelves to make a mantle. Here's my SHUTTERS I've had on my wall for about 3 years. Do you think I could take credit for her project? Nope, I didn't think so either!

The lighting in her (top) picture is soooo much better than mine......maybe she could show me how to take pictures?

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