ELSA-BEAUTY... a one stop shop for ALL your BEAUTY needs. While I've been following this site, I've learned how to apply mascara, gel liner, eye colors and lip gloss (her daughter showed that HERE) I've always LOVED make-up, even though my HUBBY says, I don't need it! And I love LIP GLOSS....a ton! I feel more like ME when I have my make-up on.
p.s. Can you believe this is Drew Barrymore.....she's changed a little!

Here's some Lip Liner ADVICE from Chanelle:

Hi Everyone! I hope you're having a great time today. I know I sure am! You know, when most people think of lip liner....they are reminded of the awful dark lined look of the 1990's and swear never to use it. But, lip liner really has it's place in completing a face and can look great when the right color is chosen.

1. The safest color to choose when applying lip liner is one that is as close to your natural lip color as possible and there are a couple of reasons for this. 1st reason ~ When your lip color wears off you won't have a dark line outlining your puckers, but instead your lips will look defined and beautiful.

2. Lip liner is very waxy and when put on the outer edge it "holds" in the color helping to prevent feathering unto nearby skin. Even when a darker color is worn you can wear a natural or flesh colored liner. It will still look great!

3. This is my everyday lip. Lightly defined with a little color. I sometimes wear the color without the liner, but it always looks nicer and more polished when I do.