Super Sassy Find!!

If you're like ME, and you should be;), you LOVE shoes!! And a Super Great Deal!! Ohhh and you also have to be Super Cheap! None of the high priced shoes here...I'm way to cheap!

If you're not a shoe lover that's can stay!

Just to clear up my love for shoes...I don't have a ton of shoes, because I'm way to picky! But the pairs I do have are very special and were made just for me! Your shoes aren't made especially for you? Sorry. I'm also not into high heels. I would surely tip over and break something. I like to stay close to the ground, that way falling doesn't hurt or look as bad. My logic, what can I say?

My trips to consignment stores and yard sales are very rewarding when I find a pair of shoes with my name on them. So when I went to my favorite 'used' store, they now me by name there, I was SUPER excited to find a 'Super Sassy Find!'. And here they are:

Perfect condition! No scraps, scratches or stains!! And I'm pretty sure they've never been worn. The soles aren't scuffed and the inside has no wear, at all! Aren't I lucky?

Would you like to know what they cost me? I'm sure you do...I paid a WHOPPING $3. I'm good!