Getting used to Celiac Disease!

When I was surfing today...for more Celiac HELP! I came across this picture. I thought, well...that just about sums it up! Anything with wheat, barley, rye and oats is not for ME! Then I wondered how Christmas was going to be. Here comes the pity pumpkin pie? Dang! No homemade rolls! I guess I will eat ALL the CANDY CANES then...haha!

There is hope...I found a store called AGAINST THE GRAIN, if you live in the SLC area. It's a GF Store, and I mean GF....not one item has gluten. Praise GF:) I bought several items to try and I have to say, they aren't bad. It's been two weeks since my diagnoses and, I think, my taste buds are adjusting. I found some cookies that sounded so yummy, so I bought them! My kids tried them...and tried to say they liked them. But the cookie in the garbage with one bit out of it, gave it away. I don't blame them...I would have a YUMMY Chocolate Chip Cookie instead of GF. But, I'm on a mission to find a GF CCC that tastes just like the regular ones. Even if I have to blend flour myself!

If you know a CCC recipe that's GF and you want me to try it to me! I will try it, post the results and the recipe on my blog. So, I need your help! It's been two weeks since, maybe longer...I've had a CCC cookie. I'm going through withdrawels!