Bloggy Open House


Thank You BATW for that WONDERFUL SHOUT-OUT about my BLOGGY OPEN HOUSE! It's coming up fast and I'm getting everything ready. I have a CAKE, new outfit, decorations....and maybe a GIVEAWAY or TWO!

Don't forget to post (on your site) your own outfit, dessert......GIFTS?...(Just kidding, no gifts. Well, only if you want to). Then come on over November 18 and use Mr. Linky to SIGN IN. Sounds easy enough, right?

Below is the ORIGINAL invitation. you have your invitation to
'The Sassy Mom's Open House'. What now?

1. Post my invitation on your blog and link back here, so your readers can find out more. (FYI: save picture of invitation and upload it in your post.)
2.Sign into my Guestbook, to the right. ....just in case I remember to send out Thank You cards.
3. Tell all your friends about my party. Anyone can post my invitation on their blog.
4. Pick an outfit to wear, desserts to bring, gifts (....just kidding, no gifts, just chocolate!) and post them on your blog on 11/18. Mr Linky will be here to link The Sassy Mom's visitors to your site, I can't wait to see what everyone is wearing.

Well, gotta go, I still need to find a cake and something to wear.