My Home Tour

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Welcome to My Home Tour!

This tour will take you through my home....not the bedrooms or bathrooms, didn't have the energy to get 7 kids to clean. Monday is not cleaning day! Anyway, I hope you enjoy your tour and if you have any questions, please save them until the end of the tour.

This is the Living Room...aka: NO PLAY ROOM!!! Yea, try telling 7 little people to stay out. Okay, back to the tour.
My beloved late mother-n-law got this for us. Our kids love to play on it and in my opinion....every home needs a piano.
A few things in the corner of the living room....I couldn't part with them so they lay in the corner.
Oh, how I love the things I steal from my Mother. The embroidery (the one I stole) was done by one of my grandmothers. The woman with a dove is a hand-me-down from my mom.
I've always dreamed of owning a Bed in Breakfast. I bought this sign because I have enough people in my family to consider my home a B&B.....are you impressed?
I love this sign....!
This is my entry way with an old Church Pew I painted RED! Everyone needs a 'REPENTANCE BENCH' in their home. Did you notice the picket fence? I hang my pictures there....I don't use frames very often. I change my mind to much! So, I just use tape and add more to it.
Impressive! Right?

My hubby remodeled this kitchen and I love it! Did you see that sign? NO WHINNING! or pay me $5. My kids took me seriously when my hubby hung worked until they figured it out. Dang!

See the strawberry sign (can you tell how much I like signs). My grandmother was a HUGE fan of strawberries. No joke....carpet, wallpaper, dishes, etc....all strawberries! I painted the sign myself. Thank you, thank you.

My old window panes....I found them at a YARD SALE, like everything else in my house (did I just say that out loud?)
My little cute!
One of my favorite pieces, the's been living here for almost two years....that's a long time for me. I think I'll keep this one.

Downstairs to the BIG star and frame with out a picture in it. Nothing unusual...all my frames are empty. That's why I hang my pic's with tape, on the PICKET FENCE. I love frames, I just don't put pictures in them.
My hubby's's a CABIN in our home. My hubby and his brother did this room. Looks great, doesn't it? I love those yard sale finds (oppps, i said that out loud again. My kids would be so embarrassed if they new EVERYTHING in our home was second hand).
One of my favorite rooms to watch movies with my hubby, kids optional! Maybe I should call this our B&B.
That is the only frame with a picture in it! It's my hubby with the ELK he got. It's HUGE! We can't get it in the house. bummer! WE need vaulted ceilings.
My Studio...I have to be the luckiest girl in the universe. I have my own STUDIO! To create and expand my mind and soul. Okay, no more of the mushy stuff.
Another view of the STUDIO.
Some of my products I make in my STUDIO.

Well that's all folks and THANKS for stopping by and touring my HOME!

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