My Bedroom Make-Over....All Great Things Take Time

When it comes to decorating my home, I'm very impatient! Ask my husband, he'll tell you. I want to get the look I want 'Now'...because if I don't, my taste might change and the whole room will be lost forever, okay...not forever, but close! My husband says, "My decorating is like Utah weather, it changes every five minutes" maybe I should try taking my time to get a more personalized look. So, that's what I'm going to do (or at least, TRY, to do!)

So, for my Bedroom Make-Over...I'm going to take my time. The IMPATIENCE has already started to kick in. This is going to be a LONG project.


This is my bedroom before...I've sold all the furniture since this picture. I wanted to go with black-brown furniture and upgrade to a King size bed. Well, it didn't work out the way I had planned...We did upgrade to a King bed, it just wasn't black! It's a King Size Sleigh Bed that is ABSOLUTELY Beautiful! I found it on KSL Classifieds for $100, what a steal. And...did I mention the flowers on the bed are HAND CARVED!

Problem: Now I have a black dresser, nightstand, refinished bench, etc. The bed has thrown everything OFF! I'm keeping the bed though, so everything else must go! Not really, I'll just refinish them....oh goody!

The bed is moved over to the window wall, making it look like there's no room to walk. That's because our t.v. is on the opposite wall, on top of 'the black dresser', making little walk way to the closet. That dresser will be gone once my hubby gets his, much desired LCD....on the wall.

The other problem I have is the WINDOW! My window is wide and short, I've had several different curtains up and nothing is 'just right'. I beg you, PLEASE help me with my window!

Now, I'm off the find BEDDING!

I had these curtains hanging in my living do they look?