I knew You wanted to KNOW me!!

It's all very exciting ya' know...so sit back and I'll give you a tour of my life.

One more thing before I tell YOU, about ME. I started this blog early Nov '08...after DELETING all my blogs....ACCIDENTALLY! Four blogs, in fact! My personal blog url used to be The Sassy Mom, now it's The Sassy Mom Shoppe. Thanks to Darcy, from Graphically Designing, I was able to get a blog back up and running.

I'm a WONDERFUL WIFE (Price Charming, says so!) and a Sweet, Sassy, and Sarcastic Mother of 7 (that's what my kids say). PC and I married 5 years ago, in 2003. How do we explain the 7 kids, well here it goes...PC had three boys from a former marriage. But sadly, 6 days after their 3rd child was born...she passed from them. I know, I know...SAD! I had gone through a divorce, so I brought three children into our relationship. And last, but not least, we had one together! That makes SEVEN!:) I don't consider any of our kids as 'STEP KIDS'...so I refer to all of my kids as MINE, even though three of them are on loan to me. I consider myself a mother to them ALL.

PC and I met on LDS Singles, online dating...scary, I know! But totally worth it! It took 2 YEARS for the LOVE OF MY LIFE to ask me to MARRY HIM! I was getting impatient!

Even though we've been able to BLEND two families and add a baby, we still have our challenges. One of our sons has Type 1 Diabetes. One of our daughters has Aspergers Autism (High-Functioning Autism) and some of our kids are victims of Sexual Child Abuse. And now, I've been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Like I said, we have our challenges. Through all this...we have FAITH and LOVE FOR LIFE! I'm thankful for the life we do have. I don't worry about the restrictions or the limitations ....Life is to be lived and explored, I don't want to waste it.

I hoped you enjoyed this little tid-bit of my life, if you have any ?'s, please email me... thesassymom@gmail.com