Hot Chocolate with a Friend

Today was a very hard day. My original blog was deleted, by ME!, on ACCIDENT! I was beside myself all day, wondering what I was going to do. My blog anniversary was in a few days and I was so looking forward to sharing it with all my new friends (YOU)!

While I was feeling sorry for myself.... Darcy from Graphically Designing emailed to say she was ready to get started on my design. I was so excited and bummed at the same time. All I wanted was some hot cocoa, a hot bath....and my old blog. So, while Darcy and I emailed back and forth, we drank HOT CHOCOLATE (as for the bath, you don't need to know:). I felt so much better talking with a friend. Thanks, Darcy.

I got over the bummed part when I saw her first draft. OMG! I was in LOVE with it! The design was SOOO ME! My kids and I sat around my laptop and watched, as we refreshed the page, to see what changes Darcy made. Every time something new showed up....we all got so excited.

Now that my new design is LIVE and looks GREAT, I can get back to blogging and making more friends.

If you want a new design, check out Darcy from Graphically Designing.