Happy Thanksgiving to YOU, YOU and YOU!

{oh, happy thanksgiving....i'm so glad you're HERE!}

Doesn't this CANDY look Fan'TAB'ulous? That's a new word for Me! DO YOU LIKE IT? Today is one of my Favorite Days. The whole day is dedicated to being THANKFUL....and spending time with family, friends and eating yummy food. What could be better?

I have a lot to be Thankful for.....my family is Amazing! We have a roof over our heads, job, clothes, shoes, food and millions of other things to be GRATEFUL for. I'm so thankful to have this day to remember how WONDERFUL everything is. How BLESSED we are, not only to have family and great food, but that we live in a world where we can HELP each other. Reach out to one another and lift others UP with a simple HELLO! How wonderful is that?!

{Another reason to be THANKFUL}

I promised an update about my health. You can read about some of it HERE!

The procedure on Monday went well. There is some concern about Celiac though. I had a biopsy done and we should find out Monday if I have Celiac Disease or not. I'm hoping for NO, but it looks like it's a possibility. I'll have another blood test to see for sure. One of the symptoms of this disease is UNEXPLAINED ANEMIA. And, I have that, for SURE! I have to look at the Bright Side, ya know!

All I can say about my HEALTH is.....I will have FAITH!