And the WINNERS are:

{Just a pic of all the wonderful comments Chanelle, Heather, Carol, Darcy, Emily, Aubry, Gail, Deanna, Ella, my mom....did I forget anyone?....left for me, during my Open House! Okay, okay...that's not really what this pic is of, but it's sure cute.....and I want to make one}


1st place: Chanelle - You won the Stroller Bag
2nd place: Heather - You won the Flat Iron Sleeve
3rd: Carol - You won an Eye Glass Case

You gals left a ton of comments.....thanks for coming to my party!

NIE NIE Auction:

Chanelle is the WINNER of the CAKE STAND I auctioned off, for the Nie Nie Recovery Fund.

Thanks for all the emails and participating in this Auction.